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Hi! I’m Adam Trager, MS, L.Ac. and I’ve dedicated my life to helping others overcome their health challenges.

With 10+ years of functional medicine experience, I help patients reclaim control over their thyroid autoimmune conditions on an individualized, case-by-case basis. I believe that healing comes from understanding, and together we will find the true cause一and remedy一of your symptoms.

"Adam has treated me and my now 13yo son for years.

I cannot even begin to list the countless things rectified by him, from allergies to viruses to emotions and then some. He always gave us..."

Dawn P.
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“Adam has been treating me for well over 5 years,

and has played a huge role in regaining and maintaining my overall health. Not only did he help me fight through various physical injuries...”

Branden G.
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3 Common Reasons Thyroid Antibodies Stay High

The all too common story goes like this… You’re following your doctor’s recommendations, you’ve taken up a stress management practice, and maybe even changed your diet all in the hopes of getting your antibody levels down and your Graves’ under control. But… It’s the same (or worse) outcome the next time you go for blood […]

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What is Functional Medicine and How Can It End Your Suffering With Graves’ Disease?

You’re not feeling well. You go to your doctor. He/she gives you less than 10-minutes to explain what’s going on, hands you a prescription or two, shakes your hand, and shows you the door. Does this actually heal anything? Was the root cause of your illness addressed? In a word, no. And what’s more likely, […]

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7 Most Common Root Causes of Graves’ Disease

Julie had been through the wringer. Her blood tests were “normal” …but she felt sick all the time. A woman in her early thirties, she suffered from extreme anxiety, restlessness, mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, irregular periods, and muscle weakness. She had gone to see her regular doctor and was referred to an endocrinologist. Both told […]

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