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About Adam Trager, MS, L.Ac.:

Julie sat across from me in the treatment room and tears started to fill her eyes…

She opened up, “Nobody understands what I am going through with Graves’ disease – not my family, friends, doctor. I just want the old me back.

Every day when I wake-up, I wonder, how horrible am I going to feel today?

I love my husband dearly, but my mood swings are constantly causing problems in our marriage, and what’s worse, I’ve lost interest in sex and I’m afraid my husband is thinking about other women.

What I’ve found in my practice is that Julie’s not alone… and not only that, she doesn’t have to suffer like this.
If you can relate to Julie, you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Adam Trager MS, L.Ac. and I’ve spent my more than 10 years of functional medicine experience helping those suffering with autoimmune thyroid disease find and treat the root cause of their illness.


  • Having more restful sleep and more energy so you can keep up with your kids during the day and husband at night.
  • Being more focused at work, taking less sick days, and kicking ass in the boardroom.
  • Never having to worry about making a choice between radioactive iodine or removing your thyroid.
  • Finding out why you have Graves’disease AND what to do about it so you get back the old you.
  • Turning off the autoimmune attack in your body by ACTUALLY treating the root cause of the problem, so you don’t have to worry about it coming back

I’m here to help you find the underlying root cause of your disease. When you find the root cause, healing can begin and you’ll start to feel good again. And when you feel good, good things happen – in your relationships, in your career, and in every other area of your life.

Are you ready to make it happen?

How to save your thyroid: Sign-up for a FREE 15-minute “Graves’ Disease Troubleshooting” session with me where I’ll help you with the #1 problem you are struggling with right now and give you the information you need on how we can work together to save your thyroid.

In good health,
– Dr. Adam

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Branden     Branden G. reviewed Conscious Health & Wellness5 star

Adam has been treating me for well over 5 years, and has played a huge role in regaining and maintaining my overall health. Not only did he help me fight through various physical injuries such as concussions, tendinitis and a nagging shoulder injury, he also helped me fight through my weight issues and restored my health when I was on the verge of developing type II diabetes. I owe this man my life, and would recommend anyone and everyone to give him a chance.


Shawna     Shawna N. reviewed Conscious Health & Wellness5 star

Prior to my move to Florida, Adam had been treating my entire family. In fact, my almost 4-year-old had been seeing him since she was 2 month