Success Stories


Branden     Branden G. reviewed Conscious Health & Wellness5 star

Adam has been treating me for well over 5 years, and has played a huge role in regaining and maintaining my overall health. Not only did he help me fight through various physical injuries such as concussions, tendinitis and a nagging shoulder injury, he also helped me fight through my weight issues and restored my health when I was on the verge of developing type II diabetes. I owe this man my life, and would recommend anyone and everyone to give him a chance.


Shawna     Shawna N. reviewed Conscious Health & Wellness5 star

Prior to my move to Florida, Adam had been treating my entire family. In fact, my almost 4-year-old had been seeing him since she was 2 months old. He is simply amazing and has completely changed my life. Adam you are the best of the best. I miss your fantastic care and our friendship. Wishing you many, many successes!


Claudia     Claudia C. reviewed Conscious Health & Wellness5 star

Adam is kind and attentive. He has helped every member of my family ages 1-70 at one time or another. It is apparent from the start that his goal is to help people feel the best! Long Island will miss him.


 Dawn     Dawn P. reviewed Conscious Health & Wellness 5 star

Adam has treated me and my now 13yo son for years. I cannot even begin to list the countless things rectified by him, from allergies to viruses to emotions and then some. He always gave us individualized attention and took his time to figure out what our bodies needed. I know I would’ve spent countless hours in a regular doctors office trying to figure out certain problems had it not been for his interventions…. Much luck and success in this awesome new venture Adam!!!!



Jonathan D. reviewed Conscious Health & Wellness5 star 

Adam treated my entire family for all sorts of issues. My five year old has been seeing him almost all her life. He is super knowledgeable, attentive and caring and I highly recommend (and have) him to anyone I come across. He has absolutely changed mine and my family’s life and we will never forget that.